How Angel Host secured $325K in bookings for a leading Property Manager in Florida in just 60 days (& during COVID!)


"Last year we did very well with bookings, possibly because of the loyalty of our clients. But then the pandemic hit, and we were struggling. It was then that Angel Host appeared! They explained how they could help and it turned out to be the easiest decision to start doing business with them. What they’re doing is outstanding!”

Carlson Lisboa - CEO at Tropical Villas Property Management

About Tropical Villas

Tropical Villas manages a portfolio of 95 vacation rentals for homeowners in Central Florida and Orlando, the U.S.’ number one travel destination. The company differentiates itself by offering exceptional first-class and customized service to meet the specific requirements of each and every one of their homeowners.

The Challenge

Despite having had good results the previous year, Tropical Villas was struggling to keep up with their explosive growth. Keeping all their listings up to date, making sure every property was optimized for maximum bookings potential, and managing the day-to-day inquiries while focusing on keeping high operating standards was simply too much. Moreover, with more and more vacation properties being built in Orlando, maintaining a high occupancy rate and a good ROI for the property owners was an ever-growing challenge.

Tropical Villas realized they needed a trusted partner to help increase their bookings and produce higher returns for their portfolio of properties.

Tropical Villas was looking for a solution that could help:


Dynamically adjust rates to
ensure higher occupancy rates


Produce listings that would
stand out/get exposure


Manage inquiries for their 95
properties across multiple platforms


Help rethink strategies to
deal with the COVID


Ensure homeowner

The solution

"The expertise of Angel Host with regards to bookings and getting exposure in this competitive market was beyond outstanding... Our strong local operation together with Angel Host’s team is a winning combination!”

Angel Host's solution included:


A new rental listing for each property optimized to be used across all major online booking platforms, including copywriting and professional photos and descriptions.


A friendly and knowledgeable team of “Angels” responding to all guest inquiries 365 days/year! This includes working during extended office hours, responding to discount requests, claims for property damage, and replying to any reviews left by guests.


Dynamic pricing optimization based on real-time market monitoring.

Online performance reports clearly demonstrating performance vs market.

The results

After only 60 days with Angel Host, Tropical Villas saw:


In new bookings


Higher occupancy than the market

Since signing on with Angel Host, Tropical Villas has substantially increased its bookings, allowing Carlson and his team to focus on delivering an outstanding experience to their guests and to put focus again on their growth.

“Angel Host showed us the possibilities when proposing the partnership and in less than 60 days they more than proved their worth by helping us secure over $300k in new reservations.”

Carlson credits this to a good working relationship stating the three things he likes most so far are:

The way Angel Host handles the business and the relationship
Angel Host’s expertise in writing and creating listings and their use of algorithms to get the best positioning
The communication with both our guests and all the members of our staff

“We’ve never had a situation come up that we could not brainstorm between our two companies, connect together like ONE, and solve it!”

“Angel Host not only managed to help us hit record revenues in only two short months, but they also did it during a pandemic! Their work is outstanding. But the thing that surprised me most about Angel Host is...FRIENDSHIP. Not only do they do an outstanding job, but they’ve also become our friends. Each and every one of them on the team. It’s a true partnership. We are all very aligned and this is what makes the partnership so successful."

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    Select one of our properties - we'll analyze your listing and your local market


    Our audit will indicate what's working well and what could be improved


    We'll show you the true revenue potential of your property with Angel Host