Ready to Offer Self Check-In? 5 Ways to Do It

Ready to Offer Self Check-In? 5 Ways to Do It

Self check-in can be a great way to simplify the check-in process, and it’s something guests often look for in a listing. Think about it: after a long day of travel, who wouldn’t want the easiest, most convenient check-in experience?

If you’re interested in offering self check-in, you’re probably wondering how to do it.  Here, we’ve put together a list of 5 easy, practical options. There’s no one “right” choice- the best option for you depends on the type of property you own, exposure to the elements, lighting conditions, and condo/community rules.

Here are five different ways to allow your guests to self check-in:

Option 1: Digital lock

A digital door lock is probably the best option out there, especially if you choose one that allows you to program in multiple codes (one for you, one for the cleaning crew, others for your guests). We highly recommend this model,  because access codes can be changed remotely, but there are plenty of different models to choose from. If your unit is in a condominium, you may want to check the condo rules before installing a new lock.

Option 2: Lock-box

If replacing your standard lock with a digital lock is not an option, a lock box can be a great alternative, and there are many brands and models available. For a wall-mounted lock box, we recommend the Diyife Key Lock Box model. If your unit is in an apartment building, you might prefer to choose a lock box that hangs from your door knob- we recommend the Master Lock 5400D, sold on Amazon.

Option 3: Your mailbox

Don’t want to install a digital lock or lock box? Many of our clients (especially condo owners) replace the lock on their mailbox with a combination lock. This way, you can leave the keys in your mailbox and guests can retrieve them from there. A simple solution that requires minimal work!

Option 4: Leave the door unlocked

It might sound shocking, but you’d be surprised how many owners opt for the convenience of leaving the door unlocked and the key in one of the drawers inside the unit. If you feel confident that your building is safe and options 1 through 3 won’t work for you, this might be something to consider!

Option 5: Try a key exchange service

A key exchange service like KeyCafe―with 45 locations across major cities in 12 countries―lets you drop your keys at a smartbox location and grant access to your guests during a set period of time. Your guests open the box with a link, an access code, or via the app. Simple! For added peace of mind, you can also track the location of your keys in real time. If KeyCafe has locations in your city, this could be a great hassle-free option to consider.

Well, there you have it! 5 easy ways to simplify your guests’ check-in experience by allowing self check-in.

Still not quite sure which option to choose? Not to worry- just contact us! Our team of angels will be happy to advise you on which alternative makes the most sense for your unique property.