How to Safely Deal With the Crisis? Deep Cleaning Is a Great Start.

How to Safely Deal With the Crisis? Deep Cleaning Is a Great Start.

Hosting encompasses a whole array of duties to ensure a happy guest experience. This was never an easy job as it requires a lot of work, heart and empathy. Given the recent crisis in the world it is now more than ever that these duties become paramount!

This is a time where guests need reassurances that spaces are safe to stay and in order to keep up with those demands and to offer a secure area for people booking your property, it is highly recommended to implement deep cleaning procedures. As an industry standard, the best practice was to hold the cleanliness standard of your unit to hotel standards. However during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is recommended to go a step further in order to continue hosting in a safe and reliable way.

The first step is to revisit your existing cleaning process and make certain changes that are outlined in this article. As a start, this could include following the Angel Host Deep Cleaning checklist as good practice. We also propose mapping out points in your unit in terms of what’s been touched most by guests; this could include the following:


Light Switches




Door Knobs


Kitchen Counters, Faucets, Sinks, Appliance handles


Shower Heads


Toilet seats and handles


Stairway handles


To be more concise, any area that is used on a daily basis and is being touched by bare hands should be marked for a thorough cleaning and disinfecting. The most problematic areas are the kitchen and the bathroom as they are high traffic areas in any unit. In order to avoid contamination, all surfaces in these two areas are to be sanitized and cleaned; this also includes something as small as kitchen sponges and brushes. As an extra step, providing sanitizers to your guests help curb the spread of any contamination. To host is to care and by taking these proactive steps you prove that you care about your guests and are doing everything in your power to make this situation comfortable for everyone.