Create a Lasting Impression & Boost Your Property Booking Rates

Create a Lasting Impression & Boost Your Property Booking Rates

Want to boost your property booking rates? Make a good first impression!

When someone is looking for a place to stay on Airbnb (or any other rental site), you only have a split-second to catch their attention. And what’s going to grab it? A great photo and property title! Choose the wrong photo and that coveted guest will be scrolling on to the next listing.

Here are a few tips to make sure you grab their attention and keep it.


Say it with a picture.

The number one thing that’s going to attract people to your Airbnb — or any rental listing for that matter — are the photos.

According to Airbnb, hosts who use professional photos tend to increase their earnings by 40% compared to other listings in the neighborhood. Locations with professional photos are also booked 24% more often.

Here’s how to show off your property in its best light:

  • Use a professional camera: Every photo tells a story — but photo quality also says a lot. Someone who isn’t willing to put the time into taking high-quality photos gives the impression that minimal effort is good enough. Your smartphone might take great family photos, but there’s nothing that grabs the eye like a sharp, high-resolution shot with a professional camera.
  • Don’t just clean your home — stage it: Rather than just tidying up, be your own art director! Imagine how you want to frame each room of your property and make as many tweaks and rearrangements as necessary. In short, buy a fresh bouquet.  
  • Let as much natural light into your home as possible: The shots that pop the most (pre-editing) are the ones bathed in natural light. If your property doesn’t have enough of it flowing in through the windows, consider investing in LED light bulbs or another form of non-incandescent lighting that won’t give photos a yellowish tinge.
  • Your home’s beauty isn’t just on the inside: It’s important to contextualize the location of your listing. Do you have a large backyard? A patio? An incredible view? Do you live in a cool neighborhood? Next to the hottest restaurant? Knowing what’s outside is as important as knowing what’s in it.
  • Attention spans are short. Show the right pictures:  You may have to take hundreds of shots to accurately capture your listing but edit what you share. Most sites suggest a maximum of 15-20 photos, but the first five can make or break a reservation. The photos you select should enable viewers to visualize your property without going into extreme detail. No one needs to see what the toilet looks like… unless you have a made-to-order 10K Japanese model.


Words Matter. Really.

Like any good newspaper, magazine or blog article, the first thing your listing needs is a great headline.

Think of the audience you’re targeting and describe the listing in a way that would appeal to that group. For example, a headline like “1 bedroom apt. in Toronto” might resonate well with some, while “Stunning Designer Flat in Toronto” will speak better to others.

Most importantly, keep it short. Titles can only be 35 characters long — including spaces and punctuation — so it’s the perfect time to be brief.

Here are a few more tips to make sure your description hits home:

  • Don’t write walls of text — use bullet-point lists wherever possible.
  • Create sub-lists for each room (one for each bedroom, one for the kitchen, etc.) and clearly label them.
  • People gravitate towards statistics, so use as many numbers as you have.
  • Proofread for proper spelling and grammar. Or use an app like Grammarly if you’re unsure.

Would you prefer to have someone do this for you?

Our dedicated marketing team here at Angel Host can help you boost your listing’s presence with better photography and better writing — all of which is included as part of our management fee. We keep your costs low to help you maximize your profits. Contact us today to chat more!